Green Smoothie Magic

I have always been somewhat health conscious. I’ve read tons of books about diet and exercise. In my 20’s and early 30’s I worked out 4 times a week with weights and did some kind of aerobic activity. I watched what I ate, for the most part. Now, when I say “I watched what I ate” I mean I watched the calories and I watched the fat grams. I didn’t really look at anything else. I hated anything green and always had. I never drank water. A lot of Coke. Everything I put in my mouth was processed. Most of it was labeled “diet” food, “low fat” food and “reduced calorie” food. But that is watching, right?? In my mid 30’s I started putting on a little weight. It’s what happens in your mid 30’s, I guess. I’d stopped working out, so I put on a little more weight. Then I entered a very rough time of my life. From about my mid 30’s until about 39. I didn’t watch what I ate. At. All. Not only did I not exercise, I didn’t do anything active. I also did not sleep much. By the time I turned 40, my life had settled back down. I was in a better place so I began to search for better health again. I was tired of being tired. I was achey. I suffered with migraines very often. I was taking a sleeping pill to just be able to function. Usually a half a pill a few times a week and sometimes even when I took that I might not sleep well. I was aging myself. I started trying to make better food choices. I stayed away from fast food. I ate a lot of processed protein bars. That was mostly breakfast and lunch. I was allowing myself still one Coke a day in the morning. I was feeling better and looking better and I had lost a few pounds. Though, I had never been a runner and really had never thought about running I decided I wanted to run a 5k. It may have been my personal way of rebelling against turning 40. I set my mind to it. I got the C25k app on my phone and I started training. I ran The Race for the Cure in Little Rock with my best friend. It was an amazing accomplishment for us. It was so much more emotional than I thought it would be to reach such a goal. I had lost about 15 pounds at this point. And I kept it off. I looked healthy. But still was not feeling very well. I felt so tired. I ran about 4 5ks during over a period of 2 years. Eventually, I stopped running. Frankly, I got a little bored with it after I’d met the challenge. Then life happened again. Work stress! Relationship stress! Family stress! I went to the doctor. My blood pressure was high. My cholesterol was high. I felt tired all the time. I still wasn’t sleeping well. I still had body aches and my migraines had gotten worse. So I pushed myself to start running again and eating better. I cut down on Cokes, I still indulged occasionally but not daily. I forced myself to eat fruits and vegetables and salads. I was still eating way too many processed foods, but so much better than before. I ate a lot of brown rice. I was running in the evening so I had to start eating a snack in the afternoon. I chose fruit over processed snacks. And I drank more water. During this time I lost another 10 pounds or so. I had kept off the 15 that I’d lost before. I felt better. The headaches were less frequent, as they always are when I’m running. Then I hit a wall. No more weight loss. I still felt tired a lot. My cholesterol was better. My blood pressure was still running a little high. Not to the point that medication was needed but we were monitoring it carefully. The holidays came and so did the over-indulging. I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving Day that year. After that race, I stopped running. I didn’t monitor what I ate at all during the holidays. I ate whatever I wanted. It was a free-for-all. After the first of that year, I hit the diet hard again. I was reading more labels and starting to try to eat more whole foods. But it was hard. I just didn’t like many fruits or veggies. And other than lettuce, greens were a no go. But I knew I needed them in my diet. In about March of that year, I bought a NutriBullet on a whim. I started experimenting with green smoothies. This was weird, I thought. So I told NO ONE. I just started having them every morning. I tweaked my recipe until I found one that I liked. No, I loved it. I also found that I drank more water and didn’t crave the cokes as much. It was so strange and wonderful!! So I decided to push myself. I started drinking them for supper too. One in the morning for breakfast, salad and fruit for lunch, an apple with two tablespoons of Simply Jiff for an afternoon snack and then a green smoothie for dinner. I’d gained about 8 pounds during that previous holiday binge, and I dropped those extra pounds fairly quickly doing this. The green smoothies had a strange effect. They made me crave more vegetables. For the first time ever in my life, I was eating greens and enjoying them. Not just in the smoothies, I was eating them for dinner! At restaurants! I liked this! That made me experiment with more fruits and veggies. It, literally, changed my taste. Vegetables that I had never liked I was now enjoying! Wow! I went to the doctor. She was so impressed by my numbers and how I looked she wanted to know what I was doing. When I told her, she wanted to know exactly what I was putting in my smoothies. She was going to start doing that too! People started taking notice that I looked better. Younger. Healthier. They wanted to know what I was doing. When I would tell them they wanted the recipe. I bought my mom a Nutribulled for Mother’s Day that year. She started having a green smoothie every morning. She had been having a problem with her feet and ankles swelling. That stopped when she started having the smoothies. If she skipped a few days, the fluid buildup would be back. Another friend suffered with irritable bowel and neuropathy. Upon my advice, she bought a bullet. She started having a smoothie a day and said that both of those problems are so much better! She said when she goes without the smoothie for a few days that her body turns on her again. Many of my friends began using my smoothie recipe with wonderful results. I’ve told so many people about the Nutribullet that I should be on their payroll. For the record, I am not. But hey, Nutribullet…call me! Now, you can do this without the bullet with another good machine, but I like the bullet because it’s easy. I am not going to stick with anything that is complicated or that adds too much time to my morning routine. I have my ingredients ready to go the night before and all I have to do is spin it in the morning and I drink it on the way to work. There is virtually no clean up with the bullet. I’m going to post the recipe to my easy green smoothie and step by step instructions. I’ve been doing the bullet green smoothie for about 2 years now. I have one every single morning, regardless of whether I’m eating totally clean or if I’m eating crap the rest of the day. The day starts with a green smoothie. I have asked for the bullet 900 series for my birthday next month. When I get that I will post a review to let you know my feelings on it.

Now, recently I have made further changes to my diet, but that is for another blog post. Today was all about my green smoothie story. I’m working on the smoothie recipe/step by step for you and I will have it up in a few days. Stay tuned!

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