Same Girl, Only Better

The Skirt Girl is about to undergo some changes.  The good kinda change.  You know, like when you get a new dress and you KNOW you look good?  Or like when you try a new hairdo and people compliment you on it?  That’s what is about to happen to The Skirt Girl.

Hopefully, this weekend you will notice the website has gotten snazzier.  It will be easier to navigate on ALL devices, look cleaner and run smoother.  Yes, I finally got professional help.  Well…with the web design.  I know it has been difficult to get to where you wanted to go within the site. It was difficult to share, comment, reply and, basically, do anything except read the current blog.  I know nothing of web design.  I did this by myself, by googling every step. Then, after I googled, I would have to google what I googled because I didn’t know the terminology.   I tell you this to encourage you.  I never knew I could do any of this.  You can do more than you think you can do.  Don’t hide behind the “I don’t know hows” or the “I’m too olds” or the “I’m too…” whatever your “too” is.  You can.  It may not be perfect.  It may not be professional.  But you can do something and it can be perfectly YOU.

Okay. Pep talk over…

Once we reached a certain number of viewers, things got even trickier.  The web host got mad because they weren’t prepared for the kind of traffic I was having.  They would send me little nasty-grams throwing out terms like “over your bandwidth” and threatening to “thwart” my viewers.  I kid you not.  They threatened to thwart you.  I panicked.  The Skirt Girl will not be thwarted and neither will her viewers.  I paid them more money and they gave me my own private server and told me it would all be better.  It was for a minute.  Still…it would go down…and then you all would message me….and I was stressed.  And it was frustrating.  It wasn’t really the web host’s fault.  I just didn’t know what I was doing. I was just doing it. Some of the things that I thought were totally logical, were not really practical for a website. Finally, help was offered, just when I didn’t know what to do next.  That’s how things usually work in my life.  Just when I don’t know what to do next, something opens up.  An opportunity happens.

My next blog post will have all the updates.  I’m going to give you more information about the changes and just what The Skirt Girl is up to. And yes, my girl has gotten a little snazzier too.  Same girl, but sharper. Better.  Isn’t that what happens to every girl with age??




  • Wilhelmina S. McGarity

    I am so glad to hear this. Looking forward to your new website. It is sooooo cold up here, what would I do without your fabulous cream for my dry, chapped skin. So happy to have it.:)

    • dana

      It’s cold down here too, Ms. Wilhelmina! We are supposed to even get some freezing rain tonight! I just put a slathering of Super Lotion on my hands and a dab on my lips too!! I’m glad it’s making your winter easier!

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