About The Skirt Girl

The Skirt GirlI’m learning to enjoy life. Drink it in and soak it up! I want to experience as much as God will allow me to and I want to share all those wonderful things with the world. I’m a government worker bee 40 hours a week. But the rest of the time is my own. I travel a lot. Books and music are my favorite things. I’m a sucker for a great lyric or a line with a hook. The written word fascinates me. People who can paint a picture with words are the best artists. My life views seem conflicted at first glance, but look closer. You’ll find that I know exactly who I am and what I believe. I don’t waver in those things. I’m adventurous but scared. Conservative but outrageous. I’m health conscious yet I love good food. I’m active but I love to just sit quietly. I’m totally at ease with myself and never mind being alone. However, I’m a people person. I have such wonderful close friends. They entertain me endlessly. They tell me two things: one, that my life is like a sitcom. Funny things happen to me. Two, that I am a nut magnet. The weirdies like me…and secretly, I kinda like them too! Number two lends itself to number one. Follow me on Facebook as The Skirt Girl and on Instagram @DANAYEAGER, Twitter @DanaPYeager and Pinterest @danayeager. Please read my blog at theskirtgirl.com