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And The Winner Is …

As some of you may know, we announced a contest on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. When we reached 600 subscribers we were going to give away a prize pack. We reached our goal fairly quickly. When we rolled over to 600, I went to Random.org. It’s a website that will pick a random number for you That number was 560. The 560th subscriber was Jacque Stanford. We sent out an email and got a response from Jacque about where to mail the prize packet. This will be going out in the next day or so:

Jergens Natural Glow, Ceravae Hydrating Cleanser,The Skirt Girl Super Lotion, EoS Lip Balm, Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo

Jergens Natural Glow, Ceravae Hydrating Cleanser,The Skirt Girl Super Lotion, EoS Lip Balm, Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

These are some of my favorite items from past blogs, Favorites,, Suddenly Sensitive Skin, Adventures in Hair Care Products.  And I also enclosed a repurposed ketchup bottle filled with The Skirt Girl Super Lotion.  My mother even made a cute, little label to go on the front of it.  You know…that’s what moms do!

We were having so much fun with this giveaway, that we decided we would do another soon.  When we reached 500,000 views that would be a number to celebrate.  A milestone.  When we started the 600 subscriber contest we were at about 460,000 views or so.  I thought we would get our 600 subscribers and have a couple of weeks to gear up and push the half million contest.  But only a couple of days after we reached 600 subscribers, and before Jacque had even responded to our email, this happened:




We burst through the half million mark!  We were all so excited!  At this point, I should tell you who I’m referring to when I say “we.”   I have family and friends who are my cheering section. They have all been so supportive. My best friend, since we were five, has been, not only the cheerleader, but the encourager, adviser and the person to tell me to snap out of it when I don’t know what to do next. She’s the one who says “yes you can” when I’m saying “I can’t.”  When we started talking about doing a giveaway, she said “Let me help!” She has shared and shared and shared on social media. There is no doubt in my mind that the half million viewers would have never happened without her. I have several other friends who have jumped in and offered advise and counsel to me, during this learning process. And whew! I have needed it!

So, you might ask, what is next for The Skirt Girl? Well, my answer would be….a LOT! We are working to streamline the website and make it more user-friendly for you. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not a web builder. At. All. So, I’m getting a little help…ok …a lot of help. Seriously, I’m being saved! Someone who does know about web building is working on it for me! The Skirt Girl is getting a makeover. But don’t worry, it’s still me! We are going to be having some more giveaways. Maybe when we hit 750,000 in views. Or, perhaps, 1,000 subscribers. And I intend on some surprise giveaways along the way. I’ll be letting you know here, but you can also like The Skirt Girl on Facebook to keep up with daily news and tidbits for fun!

Thank you all so much for commenting on the posts. I love that you do that. I welcome any tips that you have to offer, on any subject that I post. We can learn from each other and make this a better source of information. You have probably figured out that I don’t take myself too seriously. I want to be helpful. I want to give good information but I also want you to have fun when you read The Skirt Girl.  Life is serious. Very serious. So, even if you don’t learn one thing from reading my blog, if you smiled just once, then it’s worth it.

I hope that all of you will stick around. Like The Skirt Girl on Facebook. Share on social media. Subscribe, if you haven’t already, that way you’ll be ready when the next giveaway happens. This is going to be FUN!


Adventures in Hair Care Products

Life is ever changing.  We have to adapt.  We have to be willing to make necessary changes in order to grow.  Right?  My career, what I do 40 hours a week to keep Goldie in doggie kibble, is all about change.  I never get too attached to a process, policy, law or procedure because it will change.  Quickly.  In my personal life, I am the queen of routine.  I find something that works for me and I stick with it.  My furniture has pretty much been in the same place since I moved into this house.  I do the exact same thing every night, before I go to bed.  I get up at the same time every morning. I get dressed in the same order every morning.  I take the same route to work everyday.  In my blog Suddenly Sensitve Skin I talk about how I decided to change things around with skincare.  I’d used the same skincare products for years and years.  But, as I aged, my skin had changed and I knew that I had to make some changes with my skincare routine.  Let’s face it.  What works in your 20’s for your face does not work in your 40’s.  Change!  Scary for skincare, right?  Guess what?  Your hair changes too.  I know. I know.  You young’uns probably did not want to hear that but it is true.  My hair is so different now than it was in my 20’s that it’s like it came out of a different head!  I know that this blog started out all philosophical and you probably thought that I was about to go somewhere super deep.  And, maybe it’s not deep, but your hair is important.  I’m going to talk to you about the changes that occurred with my locks over the years, what I have done to adapt my routine and the products that I am using currently that I think are working for me.

First a bit of background. My whole life my hair has been long and classified as oily.  I was an every morning shampooer.  I have never been one to use a lot of product.  My hair product list consisted of shampoo that had conditioner in it, a dot of gel in wet hair before styling and a few pumps of non aerosol hairspray.  Eventually, I even dumped the gel and the only thing that I was using was shampoo and hairspray.  That’s what I had done for years.  Pantene.  It had always worked just fine for me.  Then, it happened.  The hair change.   Suddenly, the texture was quite different.  It was not as thick.  Downright thin, even.  Brittle.  It was dull.  Frizzy.  I knew it was time to do a product search.

I started with shampoo.  A friend recommended this shampoo that she had gotten from QVC.  She said it was different from anything she had ever used and she loved it.  At this time, I’d not heard of it.  Now, it is all over late night infomercials on TV and you can even buy it at Sephora.  Wen Cleansing Conditioner.  She brought me a bottle to try.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

If you have seen the infomercials on this product you probably know that it is not a normal shampoo. It is a “cleansing conditioner.” That is a pretty accurate name for it. When you pump it out in your hand, you are going to notice that it feels like conditioner. When you goop it on your hair, you are going to be weirded out by the fact that it does not lather. At. All. I pumped a few pumps in my hand and slathered it on while in the shower. As you work it through, your hair feels like silk. You are supposed to leave it in a for a few minutes before you rinse. So I kept a clip in the shower. I’d clip it up after I got it on my hair, and then continue with my showering routine. When I was ready to get out I rinsed and I rinsed and I rinsed. I wanted to make sure that all this product was out of my hair. It felt all wrong to have no lather.  It all just felt weird.  As I combed through my wet hair, there were practically no tangles.  When I dried and styled, my hair was soft and smooth and shiny.  My boyfriend even noticed.  So, I thought, this is a winner!   I will never use anything but this stuff!  Then….the let down.  My hair looked fabulous for about a week or two.  After that, it started to feel oily faster.  It was so silky it wouldn’t hold a curl.  It had no body to it at all.  And my hair is typically full of body and is naturally wavy.  So, I realized, this is not a miracle product.  It is a great thing to use occasionally.  But not great for daily use or regular shampooing.  It is also expensive, for daily use. Very expensive.  You have to use a lot.  Several pumps. At Sephora, $32 for a 16 ounce bottle.  Ouch! You can get it through the Wen website for $29.95, with free shipping and handling on the first order. But they are going to make you enroll in auto-ship.  The website says they will send you an “extra large supply” every 3 months after the first order. They do not say the number of ounces of the “extra large supply” only that they start adding $8.99 in shipping and handling after the first month.  I’ve mentioned before my loathing of auto-ship.  It is an underhanded way to make you order more product and get you locked into something, most of the time.  If you don’t mind the $32 and you are desperate to try something that might help your hair, go to Sephora and buy a bottle.  It could help.  You might fall in love.  Or, it might be good as an occasional treatment. Or you might hate it and use it only for the dog.

So, when things didn’t work out with me and Wen, I went back to my Pantene and I just added the separate Pantene conditioner to the shampoo.   Last year, I started having a lot more thinning and it was a lot dryer.  I stopped washing every day and became an every other day girl.  I started my quest again to find something…a shampoo, a conditioner, a spray, a gel….something.  IF you are reading my blogs regularly then you have probably figured out that I love Walgreen’s.  I could spend hours there browsing.  I love drugstore products.  Skincare, haircare, cosmetics…I just love looking at all the things that I could try.  Ok.  I don’t just look.  I buy.  And one day, this shampoo and conditioner caught my eye:


OGX thick & full biotin and collagen shampoo and anti-breakage keratin oil conditioner

OGX thick & full biotin and collagen shampoo and anti-breakage keratin oil conditioner

OGX Beauty Pure & Simple is a brand that has been around for a while, I guess. It says on the back of the bottle “formerly Organix Beauty Pure & Simple.” Like “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.” Weird. Biotin, collagen and karatin oil are all supposed to be good for your hair…right? So I decided that, even though I had never heard of this product or brand, I was going to give it a whirl. The shampoo smell was not great but tolerable. Lathered well. Rinsed well. Then, I opened the conditioner, dumped some in my hand and put it on my hair. I was enveloped in what I can only describe as “old man cologne” smell. And it was not just a little “old man cologne.” It was “Grandpa has a hot date” smell. It filled the bathroom. As I dried my hair, the smell did not subside. I mean…it’s a big smell. But I continued on. I liked how my hair felt, I liked how my hair looked. I used it a few times because I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. My hair seemed soft yet it still held a curl. I did have a few people remark that my hair smelled good, so I know that the scent was sticking with me. I just couldn’t take it. I had to stop with the conditioner. I continued to use the shampoo and reverted back to my Pantene conditioner. When the shampoo was gone, I went back to Walgreen’s. I remembered that they had many different formulas of this brand. This time I sniffed before I bought. This is what came home with me:

OGX repairing awapuhi ginger conditioner and shampoo

OGX repairing awapuhi ginger conditioner and shampoo

I should probably tell you that I have no idea what awapuhi is but it smelled nice, both the conditioner and the shampoo. No old man smell here. And as you can see on the bottle of conditioner “50% more FREE.” I’m in!! By the way, at Walgreen’s the shampoo and conditioner costs about $7.49 each for a 13 fl oz bottle. It has an odor but it did not offend or attack me in the shower. I really liked how it lathered and rinsed. My hair feels clean but never loaded with product. I don’t feel the need to use some sort of stripping shampoo with this. My hair was getting healthier as I used it. But I have to be totally honest and tell you that at the same time that I started using this shampoo I also started taking these:

Sundown Naturals Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula

Sundown Naturals Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula

WAIT!! PLEASE KEEP READING! I am not pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant nor will I ever be. I just want to make that clear. But, I saw a friend that I had not seen in a month or so and her hair looked beautiful. It seemed to have grown a foot since I’d seen her last. Well, not really a foot. But it was very definitely longer, shinier and more healthy looking. I told her as much. She said that she had been taking prenatal vitamins, and then, immediately, informed me that she was not pregnant. She said that they had done wonders for her skin and nails within a couple of months. That was all she needed to say. I went to the drugstore and tried to sneak out without anyone seeing that I had these in my shopping cart. I live in a small town and that is how rumors start! The texture of my hair has changed, yet again. It is softer, fuller, shinier and I am having less go down the drain during my shampoos. I’ve been taking these since the end of summer and only in the last month or so am I noticing a huge difference in my hair. I have still not seen any improvement in my nails but here’s hoping that change is a-coming! As always, you should check with your doctor before you start or change your vitamins. And when a medical professional asks you what medications you are taking, include these. It’s just a good idea.

So that is what I’m using as far as regular shampooing but I do have another product to talk to you about today. Dry shampoo. Have you used this stuff? I had never. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I’d always thought of dry shampoo as something … well….weird. But, these days, all the YouTube beauty and hair gurus are talking about it. It can bring life back to your hair in between shampoos. But the thing that had my attention was giving your hair texture, to help with volume and styling. I looked at some brands in Sephora but I just couldn’t commit, at the time. Once again, I was in Walgreens and I saw this:

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing dry Shampoo

It was $5.79 for this 7 oz aerosol can. So, yet another Walgreen’s impulse buy. I had no intel on this brand. I didn’t use it for a while because, frankly, it scared me a little. Finally, I did it. First, I used it as it was intended. To…umm…refresh my hair. Now, we all know that is a sweet way of saying my hair was dirty and I overslept. So, I sprayed a couple of spritzes. Conservatively at first. Then I became bold. The directions say to spray generously at the roots and through out hair and brush through to diffuse the powder. It really did, absorb any oiliness around my scalp, It seemed to give me great volume. My hair really did look…well…refreshed…if not clean. It lasted throughout the day. Oddly, what I did like about it was the same as what I didn’t like about it. My hair felt…well…dry. It dried the oil, but it also made my hair look dry. It took the shine out along with the oil. I have since used it on clean hair to volumize. I used it sparingly on the underside of my hair, to give it some lift. You know, as a southern woman, I like a little height to my hair. Overall, I like having the option of a dry shampoo, when it’s necessary. It is not something that I care to use often. However, this brand is the only brand that I have experienced. Is there a brand that you use? What has been your experience with dry shampoos. Please comment. I’d like to know more about this!

The last thing that I’m going to discuss has absolutely nothing to do with hair products or hair care. It’s just something that I can’t do a whole blog about but I wanted to share with you. In my Skirt Girl Super Lotion and in Suddenly Sensitive Skin  blogs we discussed Vitamin E cream and oil. I use both in my lotion. And, at night, I put vitamin E oil around my eyes. Many of you have made comments in those blogs about Vitamin E and how you use it and many other things. I have loved hearing from you. I wanted to share something that happened to me last week. We’ve had several days of cold and windy weather here. I felt like my lips were getting chapped. In Favorites I talked about my EOS lip balm. I love it. But something wasn’t right. I woke up on the second day of 2015 with what was the beginning of a fever blister. I have never had a fever blister in my life. It was just a dot on my lower lip that felt dry chapped and tingly, but it was definitely becoming a fever blister. Never having had one before I had nothing in the house to treat it with other than my EOS lip balm. But on a whim, I decided to put some of the Vitamin E oil on my lips. I kept applying that over the EOS all day and then right before going to sleep that night. I am not even kidding when I say that when I woke up the next morning that dot on my lip was almost gone. The tingly feeling I had was totally gone. My lips still felt chapped but what was, the day before, definitely the beginning of a fever blister, you could barely see. I just had to share this with you. I don’t know that it will work for everyone, but it sure worked for me.

Thank you again for reading The Skirt Girl. I appreciate when you stop by my blog. If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy Suddenly Sensitive Skin or The Skirt GIrl Super Lotion or perhaps Favorites. Just click on the links and your computer will whisk you right away to read them! Please feel free to comment on any of my blogs. I welcome your comments, suggestions and experiences. We can all learn from each other! Please subscribe and share The Skirt Girl with your friends on social media. All those buttons are located below to help you do that. Thanks again! Y’all are the best!