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The Skirt Girl’s Green Smoothie

As promised in my last blog, Green Smoothie Magic, which you can read here: Green Smoothie MagicI’m giving you The Skirt Girl’s Green Smoothie recipe.  I have this every single morning.  Even if I eat total crap the rest of the day, I’ve started my day off with wonderful fruits and veggies!  It does help me stay on track the rest of the day….usually.  It’s all about balance…isn’t it?  So here is what you will need:

Spinach, frozen mixed fruit, natural unsalted almonds, frozen bananas, truvia


First a few words about these ingredients. The frozen fruit is simply that…frozen mixed fruit. No additives. No preservatives. No sweeteners. I’ve tried different fruit mixtures and different brands. One of my friends, who suffers from inflammation of her joints, adds extra frozen cherries to hers because they are a natural anti-inflammatory. Research what you need and mix in the fruit or veggie that might help with that ailment or deficiency. This is my favorite blend.

Peaches, strawberries, grapes, cherries, pineapple.



The almonds should be natural. Raw. No salt. I accidentally bought roasted and salted once. It was not great. The almonds help give some body and substance to the smoothie. Oddly, it adds to the creaminess as well. They are a good source of protein. They do add fat to the smoothie, so depending on what I am doing, the amount I use may vary. The fat that they add is good fat so I’m not too alarmed, I’m just careful of the portion. If I’m needing protein because of the way I’m working out, I may add as many as 12. If I’m watching carefully every fat gram, I may only add 6. 9 is my happy medium. But I always try to add almonds. There have been a couple of days that I ran out and made due without them. I must tell you that I got so hungry a couple of hours later. The almonds are key.

natural, whole, unsalted almonds

natural, whole, unsalted almonds



Truvia is a brand of Stevia, which is a natural sweetener. It does not elevate blood sugar. It is plant based. It is not chemical. Doctors recommend this as a natural way to sweeten food. When you smell Stevia, it has an almost vanilla scent. They also sell it in liquid or in bulk rather than individual packets. I have a friend who uses the liquid. She and her family love it. I like the convenience of the individual packets best.

image (1)


In my last post I spoke about the Nutribullet. This product has truly changed my life more than any other product I have ever bought. It is so easy. There is virtually no clean up. Just a quick rinse of the blade is all that is required. I like to prepare everything before I go to bed at night. I put the almonds and spinach in the cup, put the airtight lid on and set it in the refrigerator. The next morning it’s ready for me to put the frozen ingredients and water in before I rush out the door with smoothie in hand. Convenience and being prepared are probably the two most important factors in weight loss and healthy habits for me. The Nutribullet helps with both of those things.

NutriBullet, comes with blades and to go lids



So, let’s make a smoothie! First put your spinach in your cup. I use a good handful.

Big ole handful of fresh baby spinach! Makes it that strange and wonderful color GREEN!


You can see the cup is almost half full of spinach and this is packed down a bit.



Next, those beautiful, raw almonds go in. In this smoothie I’ve used 6.

photo 1


My grocery store has Banana Tuesday. They put their “overripe” bananas on sale. They are pretty smoothie perfect at that point. If I miss Banana Tuesday, I buy the ripest that they have and put them on my counter until they start to speckle brown. Just before they get mushy…that is when they are at their sweetest and sweet is what you want for your smoothie. When they are ripe enough, I cut them into chunks, put them in a ziplock freezer bag and throw them in the freezer. They help make your smoothie creamy and sweet. So throw those  frozen banana chunks in there next.. I eyeball these. I just try to make a nice layer of them. It is probably half a banana. If you are trying to do low glycemic index, you’ll want to take it easy on these and cut it down to maybe 1/4 of a banana.

photo 2


Oh and then that lovely fruit. I pack it on as full as I can get it without clogging and blowing up my machine, usually.  Unless I’m being particularly obsessive over calories and then I’m more careful.

photo 4


I use two packets of Truvia. I like it fairly sweet. It also depends on the sweetness of the fruit. But typically, 2 packets for me.

Then, water. Fill it to the water max line on the cup. I bought this Brita filter pitcher and I love it. I always have clear, cold water in the fridge. I’m kind of a water snob. I really can taste a difference in even bottled water. My tap is pretty good, but I’m more likely to drink water this way or in bottles. It was worth the investment. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond for less than $25. I utilized their 20% off coupon.

photo 2 - Copy (2)

It looks like this once you get it all in there.

photo 3 - Copy (2)

Now put on the blade…

photo 4 - Copy

And give it a spin…

photo 5 - Copy

…and watch…

photo 2 - Copy (4)

…it turn green…

photo 3 - Copy (3)

Then screw on the to go handle and enjoy! This is my “go to work” drink every day.

photo 4 - Copy (3)

One more tip on the Nutribullet. If you go onto the Bed Bath & Beyond website you can almost always get a 20% off one item coupon. And I believe they match coupons from other stores there. Again, I’m not advertising for the store….just a little tip from The Skirt Girl.

Whether you do the Nutribullet or some other machine, green smoothies are a great way to get fruits and veggies into your diet without a lot of trouble. Nutrition is key to feeling your best.

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